Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Jack fruit

I have been in the information technology industry for quite sometime now. Working in the industry meeting some of the best minds is always a pleasure. Sometimes it is not about the technical capability of humans its about attitude, personality and character. If you are wondering weather I'm a psychologist or someone in the human resources, I'm not; I'm a pure technician, someone who analyzes problems and comes up with a solution; as a side effect I do create problems as well. Now if you are itching to know about why the title of this post is jack fruit, please read on.

A friend of mine asked me if I knew about data cubes in the context of data mining and business intelligence, honestly I wasn't aware of such a term; later I researched about it and I'm still compensating my ignorance on that topic. I then thought about dimensions, how can one explain the concept of dimensions to non-technical people. In other words how can one imagine more than three dimensions. Although most real world objects have dimensions; a Rubiks cube is a popular example for a three dimensional object. A list such as a grocery list is a good example for one dimension. An example for two dimensional entity could be as simple as a point with x and y coordinates and go as far as a kolam or a painting by Pablo Picasso. Now we already know examples for three dimensional objects, a fourth dimension could be imagined to be like a list of cubes, a fifth dimension is a two dimensional graph in which each point is a cube and the sixth dimension is a cube in which each corner is a cube; mathematically one could refer to it as something like x[i, j, k, p, q, r] where x is an entity of six dimensions, are you with me so far?.

Now some of us might be thinking how a jack fruit is related to the concepts we discussed so far and what is the connection with human psychology or behavior in general. Humans have different levels of indirections. In our day to day interactions we have come across people who are hard to understand and some who are able to complete our sentences. I personally prefer less than three dimensions, and we all do hang out with people who have a good understanding about us. We all have come across people about whom we have had certain initial impressions but had to change later. A jack fruit is one such character, on the outside they might look rough and after cracking open there is a huge mess and finally you get the sweet tasting fruit. In this case the first impressions are not always the best. It takes a while for everyone to open up to some one and we know that trust is an important factor here. Technology workplace is a zoo of heterogeneous characters; so watch out for jack fruits in your workplace, they are really sweet.

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